Continuous Architecture

Evolving software projects into products.

What led us to Continuous Architecture?

We had the most fun and learnt the most when we worked on the realisation of software products and these were also seen as products and not just as projects. For us, software products meant an easier and much greater identification with the work. As a result, we also took on more and more responsibility.

Our technical curiosity allowed us to become specialists in certain subject areas. However, when it comes to the entire software stack - from planning, architecture, development and operation - we are generalists and have a holistic view of things.

There is a term for the intersection software products - holistic view - technical deep dive : Continuous Architecture.

Continuous Architecture Manifesto

Principles from the Continuous Architecture Manifesto with our words

Architect long-term products, not project solutions

We are not in for the quick money but providing our knowledge for long-term solutions. We know that software does not end with the first or even last deployment.

Holistic view

There is a lot more than just functional requirements, e.g. network security, performance, regulations, taxes, multi-tenancy, cost estimations, documentation, strategy

Prove architecture by implementing it

Plans only make sense if they can be implemented. Try out new technology and question it. Use technology which works.

Make it operable

Software products will be maintained and operated. Keep the architecture simple.

Transparent architecture

Fight knowledge silos and communicate architecture decisions transparently to the whole team.

Delay decisions

If not absolutely necessary, do not decide know and postpone it to a later point in time.

Risk-drive prioritization

Do customer-centric features with major architectural impact first

What We Do?

What we do with Continuous Architecture?

Analyze and Recommend

We analyze the current situation and provide technical or architectural blueprint with recommendations for strategical decisions.

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Advisory as a service

You often need someone to talk to or discuss a technical topic with. As part of our Advisory as a Service, we offer easy and uncomplicated access to our expert knowledge and experience via email for development teams and CTOs.

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Hands-on: Technical challenges

Platform Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Infrastructure Automation, Troubleshooting - you name it. We accept your technical challenge. Next stop: Go-Live.

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Analyze and Recommend.

Analyzing you situation and recommending improvements and strategies.

We analyze your infrastructure, software development lifecycle and architecture. Typical outcomes are recommendations, a strategy or decisions.

Write us an email with a summary of your situation. Please append an NDA right to your mail. We'll get back to you with a few questions and set up a call with you and the relevant team members. During our initial call we can dig right into the topic to ask you and your team the painful questions.

After our initial call we'll discuss everything internally, may get back to you with further questions and then prepare a quote.

Depending upon the concrete situation, this may take a few weeks up to a few months.

We provide a fixed-price quote with payment upfront. The price depends upon the scope of the outcome and includes everything.

Normally, for those type of work there are some documents and diagrams. Depending upon your infrastructure we document our findings and results in your wiki or we will provide everything as Word/PDF and re-usable diagrams after finishing our work. You have free access to our expertise up to 30 days after we have provided you the final results.

In the case you are unsatisfied with our ongoing work, we did something completely wrong. You can request a refund for up to 30 days after making the initial payment and before we have provided the final results. All provided results to you during that time stay yours.
Just write us a quick email asking for refund. No questions asked from our side.

We follow the option Primus inter pares: The team we are working with can get in contact with us at any time. Decisions are made upon their remarks and information and not from top-down.