Our principals are guiding us.

dreitier is a company founded and run by software architects, software engineers and DevOps guys. We apply well-known principles and processes from that space to the business side. We see dreitier as an abstract platform, which uses legal frameworks to provide a healthy working environment.
We decide between social and company principles. Those principles describe the interaction between us, the environment and our customers. In addition to that, our Continuous Architecture approach contains the principles for our professional work.

Social principals

The social principles come from the public society in which we live.

Pro democracy

We believe in the basic democratic order and freedom of expression.

Respect for every living being

We demand respect for every living being and do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind or form. Sexism, racism and other intimidating manners towards any group of people is not acceptable.

Pro data minimization

We think that too much data is collected unjustifiably and without necessity. When possible, we try to minimize the storage of data.

Company principals

Company principles are used for interacting between dreitier , our employees and our customers.


We strive to allow our employees to improve our tools, business processes and content in a fast way. This makes it easier and more lightweight to run the company.

Does having a CEO/CxO role contradicts this principle? We don't think so. In the end, someone has to make a legally-binding decision. And that person must have the CEO role.


Software developers in general love their job: solving tricky problems makes time fly by. But often the problem is not so urgent that the family has to suffer.

At dreitier , nothing is more important than spending time with the family and the kids. Therefore, take the time. The same is true for parental leave. dreitier likes to encourage you, to take [parental leave](/how-we-work/leaves#special-leaves) after your child has been born.


At the latest with the COVID19 pandemic, it has become clear that working completely remote is possible.
The work at dreitier is completely remote. It saves both the company and the employees time and money.

Don't #@!% the employee

What is true for our customers also applies to our employees. We won't hold a carrot out for you and will not paint something in bright light.

Don't #@!% the customer

We fully align with Atlassian on that one.
We are characterized by honest cooperation, which from our point of view can best solve the problem and implement the business goals. This can sometimes also be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we remain true to our line and advise our partners honestly and transparently at all times.

Make our business organization recoverable

Coming from a space in which disaster recovery is essential, we also think about how to recover dreitier in case of an emergency.

Company as code

There, we wrote it: another as code buzzword. Joking aside, as soon as the business processes can be automated and reproduced, the processes have to be mapped to code and then be stored in Git.


As part of our strategy, we want to provide useful software products to our target group. If you are trying out a new tool, language or API, solve a real problem so that we can use it to improve our processes or for our customers.

Know, when you are prematurely optimizing

The saying Premature optimization is the root of all evil is well-known. If you are not sure if you are prematurely optimizing your work, talk to a co-worker.