Technical Challenges

Let's get dirty with a deep dive in technology.

What technical challenges we accept

First things first: dreitier is not a software development company with any kind of focus on implementing functional requirements in the backend or frontend. If you are searching for a partner implementing your functional requirements, we can recommend you to other companies in our network - but that is not our business.

It gets interesting for us if you need engineering expertise in topics related to your infrastructure or your software development lifecycle and having an impact on your architecture or system design. This can be the development of a custom Kubernetes controller, setting up your orchestration infrastructure, architecting and implementing your Continuous Integration pipeline or the moving your data flow to an Apache Kafka-based message stream.

Our level of expertise

We do not presume to know everything - but we have already seen some.

We categorically rule out challenges that are below layer 3 or at the hardware level. For some cases, we are a good fit, in other we might fit. In the end, it always depends on the specific case whether we can help.

Scope We are a good fit We might fit That's explicitly not us
Programming language Java, .NET, PHP PowerShell, Bash, Go, anything with a stacktrace Low(er)-level languages like C, Assembler, Rust
Framework Spring, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress - -
Orchestration system Kubernetes, SUSE Rancher, Docker OpenShift -
Cloud environment AWS, Azure GCP
CI/CD Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Argo CD, GitLab TeamCity -
Infrastructure automation Ansible Terraform, CloudFormation Chef
Protocol Any well-known protocol like HTTP(S), SSH, LDAP(S), DNS, Kerberos Proprietary or vendor-specific protocols Protocols without documentation
Networking Proxy issues, latency, ingress/egress issues, TCP/IP - Vendor-specific issues (Cisco etc.)
Operating system Linux, Windows MacOS, BSD
Security x.509 certificates, TLS, SSO, OAuth, AD/AAD Restoring backups Encryption-specific issues, Digital forensics
Database PostgreSQL, MySQL, schema and indexing issues, performance problems - Multi-terabyte database clusters
Messaging Apache Kafka, Apache Artemis Redis Proprietary products like WebSphere MQ