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Next Active Directory Integration

Next Active Directory Integration ( nadi ) is a world-wide used plug-in for connecting WordPress with an enterprise Active Directory. It supports Single Sign On with Kerberos and NTLM, Active Directory domain forests and role assignment through Active Directory security groups. Those features make it the first choice when WordPress needs to be securely connected to the Active Directory.
Security controls from certifications like TISAX are fulfilled with this plug-in.

We are supporting nadi 's enterprise customers with purchasable Support Plans.


With kwilo you can manage the portfolio of your company's employees. It specifically designed to track finished projects and the technologies behind it. kwilo lets you export your employee's profile without the hassle to manually deal with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote oder Microsoft Excel. The web application is available as SaaS but can also be installed on-premises.


Productive and test data within cloud environments are often stored in S3-compatible object storage for data backup using tools such as restic or rclone. Errors in the backup process can lead to missing backups.

backmon monitors backups in S3 or Minio buckets for existence and size. All backup metrics can be exported directly via Prometheus and then visualized in Grafana. Notification of missing backups, insufficient or rapidly growing backup sizes can then be made via the Prometheus Alertmanager.

In addition to monitoring the backups, backmon can also delete old backups using fine-grained rules.


Despite the proliferation of SaaS products, it is not always possible or desirable to run applications with an external provider. For the provider, the question then arises as to how a modern, Docker-based application can be distributed on-premises.

ninkik acts as a proxy for the well-known Docker container registries such as Amazon ECR, Azure Container Registry and Harbor. Manageable subscriptions allow product providers to give their customers access to Docker images and monitor the distribution. The sale of Docker images is thus greatly simplified.