Core values

We share those values.

The core values guide us in our daily work and how we shape the company. Are these values set in stone? No, as the company evolves, our values are likely to evolve as well.


Our dealings with each other and with customers are characterised by honesty. This is the only way we can make sensible decisions for our customers and ourselves that help us to achieve our goals. See


We are not suits, we are not salespeople, we are not project managers and we do not want to call ourselves consultants. We are people with a wide range of knowledge in software development who turned their hobby into a profession decades ago. We enjoy talking about technologies, we are not interested in departmental trench warfare and we are happy when our customers use our first names.


No gate-keeping, no backroom conversations, open processes. We give as much insight into our work as we can.


With our work, we try to minimize the personal data footprint and place a high value on data protection and data security.


We have strong technical skills in our area of expertise and strive for further expanding them. Some would call us geek, nerd or techie and that's totally fine. Our skills are based upon adaption and improvisation. If you might wonder where you already have heard that phrase: It was Matrix.


Our internal and external actions are aligned with our long-term vision. We advise our customers on strategic decisions. Our technology experience is only the means to an end. The focus is always on the respective business objective or vision.


We see dreitier as a community of people who have similar interests or ideals and who trust and inspire each other. Our customers are part of this community.


For family reasons, we have a strong interest in protecting the environment in a sustainable way and passing it on to our children. The same is true for the company. We do not want to make a quick buck with dt. With dreitier , we want to build a company that is sustainable in its business model.