Code of conduct

Who we like working with and who not.

Our Code of Conduct defines how and with whom we work - or not. Our CoC is shaped by our own experiences and implicitly derived from our core values and principles.

However, it also borrows from companies such as Atlassian or NETWAYS with their specific Code of Conducts.

  1. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind or form. We do not want to work with companies or potential employees who behave in a sexist, racist or intimidating manner towards employees, suppliers, interns or any other group of people.
  2. We believe in the basic democratic order, freedom of expression and respect for every living being.
  3. We have no interest in working with people who do not believe in scientifically proven facts or who propagate scientifically refuted theses.
  4. The integrity of personal and corporate data is extremely important to us. We sensitize our employees and partners to this issue and try to bring data protection regulations in line with corporate objectives.
  5. Don’t #@!% the customer – we are characterized by honest cooperation, which from our point of view can best solve the problem and implement the business goals. This can sometimes also be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we remain true to our line and advise our partners honestly and transparently at all times.
  6. Don’t #@!% the employee – we do everything so that we can work together on our vision. The personal and honest relationship with each other is the basis for our success.