With our expertise in software architectures, system designs and infrastructure, we help Executives and their software development teams get their software products to Go-Live faster.

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What We Do?

We know how to connect the technical parts for you.

Continuous Architecture

Continuous Architecture is our way to connect the dots of software development, architecture, documentation, deployment and operations.

Having been in the software development industry for decades, we know your pain points and provide strategical and technical blueprints and expertise across the board.

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Advisory as a Service

You often need someone to talk to or discuss a technical topic with. As part of our Advisory as a Service, we offer easy and uncomplicated access to our expert knowledge and experience via email for development teams and CTOs.

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Hands-on: Technical Challenges

Platform Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Infrastructure Automation, Troubleshooting - you name it. We accept your technical challenge. Next stop: Go-Live.

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Specialized products for IT departments

Our own software products are made for software developers, DevOps engineers and IT consultants.

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Your added value

Your outcome when working with us.

Software development is a broad field. With us, your software development team has a sparring partner for architectural and technical issues at your side. We improve your software product's development lifecycle. With our measures, we reduce your software's time to market.

We ensure that your software not only works locally, but also in operation. With our experience in operating software, we recognize and point out measures at an early stage. This minimizes your operational risk.

We proactively inform you about new products, risks and strategies for operating your software products. You can focus on implementing new features for your customers, while we are keeping care on the technical topics. We do not sell bleeding edge technologies, but solutions that prove themselves in the long term.


Our clients are coming from a wide range of industries in the private and public sector.
A common denominator of the companies working with us is a high priority of data protection and data security, traceable decisions, clear documentation and open and honest communication.