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Your partner for Continuous Architecture & Software Delivery

Untying the knots in your head

With our passion for systems and architectures, we support CTOs, IT departments and software development teams in solving complex issues.


We support software product providers with advice on strategic and technical questions.


Our software products support IT-backed processes.


Microservices, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Apache Artemis

Continuous Architecture

Holistic adivsory for optimization of your software products.

Optimization of SDLCs

Consulting and implementation of Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment processes

Sharing experience

Documenting and structuring information of software development teams.
Outcomes when working with us

Your added value

Our clients are software engineering teams, CTOs and project managers from a wide range of industries in the private and public sector. A common denominator for all our clients is the high priority of data protection and data security, traceable decisions, clear documentation and open and honest communication.

For these clients, we provide holistic consulting in the definition and implementation of sustainable software systems and architectures, as well as in the optimization of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

The goal is always to improve the software product development process to reduce time to market and minimize operational risk.

Continuous Architecture is not the next buzzword for us, but the most appropriate description for our approach: We combine our long experience in the development and operation of software products with consulting, training and support before and during development, as well as during operation.

With us, our clients have the big picture of software engineering at their fingertips.