Releasing new versions of your software products is time consuming. Current marketplaces for downloadable software, don’t allow you to fully automate new releases.

ninkik is our solution to connect your well-known CI/CD tools to software marketplaces. ninkik reduces the time and effort you have with releasing new versions, notifying customers and so on.

  • ninkik integrates existing platforms and solutions like Gumroad or WordPress‘ WooCommerce. Instead of manual uploads and a simple version management you can automatically manage all of your releases in ninkik.
  • We are convinced that more enterprise software will be provided through Docker images instead of installable packages. With ninkik you can sell Docker images to customers which can be used in on-premises installation.
    You can still sell the Docker images through Gumroad or WooCommerce.
  • ninkik is able to grant purchasers of your software products access to newer versions. You can use different subscription policies to specify which versions a customers is able to access. Theses policies will also be applied to Docker images.
  • Managing different target platforms and architectures can be done with ninkik. You can specify meta-data like changelogs for releases or platform-specific artifacts.
  • For distributing your new releases, ninkik makes use of CDNs like CloudFront or AWS S3.
  • You can automate the whole release process with ninkik’s extensive API, e.g.
    • Push new releases from GitHub Action or Jenkins to ninkik
    • Let ninkik notify your customers about the new release
    • Trigger Netflix Spinnaker to do an upgrade of your customer’s on-premises installations