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Using kind and Helm for Kafka trainings

With kind you can set up a Kubernetes cluster within Docker. kind can be used to test the Kubernetes infrastructure. We are using kind in conjunction with Helm to prepare our Kafka trainings.

Set up kind

kind can be installed with the following commands:

curl -Lo ./kind https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/dl/v0.11.1/kind-linux-amd64
chmod +x ./kind
mv ./kind /some-dir-in-your-PATH/kind

After having installed kind, you can set up a new cluster:

kind create cluster --image=nestybox/kindestnode:v1.18.2

It is important to use the Docker image kindestnode and sysbox has to be used as Docker engine. Otherwise, kind won't start up.

kind installation

Setting up Kafka Confluent stack with Helm

Install Helm:

snap install helm

Install Confluent Helm chart from https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-helm-charts:

helm install my-conflulent confluentinc/cp-helm-charts --version 0.6.0

Installation of Kafka Confluent stack with Helm

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