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Documenting and Formalizing Software Systems


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D2 Tour | D2 Documentation
D2 is a diagram scripting language that turns text to diagrams. It stands for
The Diátaxis framework solves the problem of structure in technical documentation, making it easier to create, maintain and use.
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How Stripe builds interactive docs with Markdoc
Markdoc delivers a good user experience without compromising the authoring experience. It enables writers to express interactivity and simple page logic without mixing code and content.
Writing Style Guide - Camunda
The following document outlines Camunda’s writing techniques and practices to ensure uniform styling across Camunda documentation and to yield a more cohesive and organized user experience alongside a fast-growing staff.
How to Write Better with The Why, What, How Framework
Three documents I write (one-pager, design doc, after-action review) and how I structure them.
docToolchain is a collection of scripts that makes it easy to create and maintain powerful technical documentation. Built on best-of-breed open source technologies, we deliver the best docs toolchain so you don’t have to.
Terrastruct | A diagramming tool crafted to visualize software architecture
Terrastruct is a diagramming tool uniquely crafted for software architecture
Material for MkDocs
Write your documentation in Markdown and create a professional static site in minutes – searchable, customizable, for all devices
7 tools for visualizing a codebase
Need to write a README file, but not sure what to say? If this is a frustration that bothers you frequently, you might consider beefing your document up with a diagram. After all, a picture is worth…
Who said writing documentation is boring? | by BP Editors | Apr, 2022 | Better Programming
Documentation is often considered the boring, time-consuming, and difficult aspect of our work. But it’s important! In this daily digest, we’ll go through some guides, tools, and techniques to make…
A hundred things I learned writing my first technical book “Data-Oriented Programming” | Yehonathan Sharvit
A hundred things I learned writing my first technical book “Data-Oriented Programming”
Communicating Software - A lightweight approach for effective software communication
A lightweight approach for effective software communication
Distributed State Management for Serverless - Cloudstate
Reference implementation for Serverless 2.0; Distributed State Management for Serverless
ReLaXed creates PDF documents interactively using HTML or Pug (a shorthand for HTML)
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Cloudockit – Generate your cloud documentation
Automatically Generate Architecture Diagrams and Technical Documentation of Your Cloud Environments
Generate interactive API documentation from OpenAPI
Generate interactive API documentation from OpenAPI definitions
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Bootiful Asciidoctor
Bootiful Asciidoctor is a sample project by Josh Long which provides a Continuous Delivery pipeline for an asciidoctor-based documentation
pandoc is a universal document converter
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IcePanel | Easily communicate complex systems
Structured system designs, built to increase your teams understanding and trust in your docs. Based upon the C4 model.
Isoflow | Network diagrams
Create beautiful cloud diagrams in minutes