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GitLab DevSecOps Survey Results 2022 | GitLab
With over 5000 respondents, the GitLab 2022 DevSecOps survey provides valuable strategic insight into the latest team structures and practices. Learn more here!
How to automatically update docker containers whenever new image is released – sleeplessbeastie's notes
Automatically update docker containers whenever new image is released using watchtower. This is a great solution, especially when you are using portainer for container management (continuous mode) or jenkins (run-once mode). I will focus on the latter solution.
30 Common CI/CD Interview Questions (with Answers) - Semaphore
A list of 30 common and answered CI/CD interview questions.
Return on CI/CD Is Larger than the Business Outcome – The New Stack
If a software organization is not yet adopting CI/CD, its leadership and management should realize that they are already behind and at a huge disadvantage.
6 ways SMBs can leverage the power of a DevOps platform | GitLab
Bringing a DevOps platform into a small business can be a game changer. It can also cut down on the hat wearing. Here are the top 6 benefits.
Porter is a fully-managed PaaS that lets teams automate DevOps. Deploy and manage apps within AWS, GCP, DO, and more.
(A few) Ops Lessons We All Learn The Hard Way