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About us

From a professional point of view, we have been involved in software architecture and engineering, infrastructure automation and project management for more than twenty years. Although we come from Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony in Germany - and thus a region with a strong connection to the automotive sector - a large number of our projects can be found in other industries.

Our purpose

Where we want to go

Our heart has always beaten for the development of software products all these years. The Region Wolfsburg/Braunschweig/Wolfenb├╝ttel (known as Region 38), on the other hand, is largely characterized by project-based work. With our enthusiasm for software products, we want to support other companies in their transformation from service providers to product suppliers.

Our vision

Our vision is that Region 38 will be known nationally and internationally for its specialized software products. With the increase in product providers, a regional network of companies is created that supports each other collectively. Specialized products will open up market segments outside the automotive sector. This makes the region attractive to workers who previously viewed Region 38 only as an automotive employer.

Our mission

dreitier is the company that accelerates the release of digital products.

We specialize in minimizing the time it takes to release a new feature from a software product. Our customers can deliver the feature to the market faster. This gives them a strategic advantage in their respective market segment. In this mission we use our experience in software engineering and support with our own software products.


Andreas and Christopher got to know each other already since 2004 during their apprenticeship. Thomas worked together with Christopher at NeosIT GmbH since 2014. This mainly involved software engineering, architecture and infrastructure automation.

While working at MOROTAI, Andreas needed support in the AWS area in 2016. By chance, Andreas and Christopher got in touch again and carried out their first joint project. The thought of an own company already existed at that time. With the end of NeosIT GmbH in 2019, the plans of Christopher and Thomas became more concrete. As chance would have it, Christopher and Andreas got into conversation. The intersection between the work topics of all three was on the one hand high and on the other hand it complemented each other well.

At the end of 2020, we talked for the first time about whether we could imagine a partnership. In September 2021, dreitier GmbH was finally founded as a joint venture between Andreas, Thomas and Christopher.


Why dreitier?

In our mission, we support our customers on three levels: Strategy, Architecture and Automation. In software-engineering, the three-tier architecture is a well-known concept. Although it is intended for architectural implementation, it can also be applied to our work areas: The three tiers of strategy, architecture and automation. Since we do not only consult on pure software-engineering, but also on operations and infrastructure, the term IT is obvious. In the end this results in an amalgamation of the words drei (German word for three), IT and tier: dreITier.

The fact that we are 3 founders and in German tier can be translated to animal is actually just a nice side effect. Also in the choice of the company name applies: Naming things is hard.